What's Keeping You From Being Your Most Productive Self?

Fear? Don't Know How? Don't Know Where to Start or What to Do Next?

Hey there, it's Mark Struczewski, and I want to talk to you a few minutes about your productivity.

I've been teaching productivity for over eight years from the stage and I talk to and with people just like you, people who genuinely want to take their productivity to the next level. But they don't know how.

The more I talked to people, the more I realized I needed to come up with a solution that covers the basics of productivity.

Look, we've all been there.

At the end of the day, you're like, "oh, my goodness! I worked really hard today. But I don't feel as if I got anything done."

And I want to help you with that.

That's why I created the Basics of Productivity Course.

To start, let me tell you what's covered in the course.

Module One

  • what productivity is and why it's important.
  • time tracking: what it is and why it's so important for your productivity.
  • ODAE, which is just an acronym for outsource, delegate, automate and eliminate.
  • how to measure productivity.

Module Two

  • my number one productivity tip. Now you may be saying, "Mark, why didn't you put that in Module One?" Because it didn't fit there.
  • scheduling your time. It's more than just a concept. There's a right way you need to do it.
  • self care. Yes, we're going to talk about how it's important to take care of yourself in order to be productive.

Module three

  • email and social media.

Module four

  • productivity at work.

This is a video course. It not only includes the video modules, you can actually download the mp3 to take them on the go. There are worksheets you can download as well.

I am obsessed with helping you become a more productive version of yourself and that's why I created the course.

I remember when I wanted to learn how to use Facebook ads. I was looking for help, a basic course (if you will) on how to do Facebook ads. I'm not an idiot. But Facebook ads were confusing to me. I found a course that was simple, that took me by the hand and walked me through everything I needed to learn. And when I got through the other side I was, "wow, I understand Facebook ads now."

That's how I designed this course.

In this Course, I assume two things.

  1. that you truly want to be more productive. You want to be more efficient, you want to perform at an optimal level.
  2. you're coachable, you have a spirit of learning.

What's the cost?

The investment for the course is $47.

And let me put that into perspective for you. One on one productivity coaching with me starts at $250 an hour. Now, I'm not really good at math but let's do some basic calculations here: the course is just a shade under two hours of training. So $250 an hour times two is $500. The investment for the course $47. Kind of a no brainer.

And here's what's even better: you get a 30 day money back guarantee. If you take the course and don't learn anything or, for whatever reason, you're not happy with it, I'll happily give your money back. But I don't think that's going to be the case because I've had people go through this Course, some who were fairly productive, who said they picked up some knowledge. You can read my students testimonials below.

Some people said just the first module alone is worth $47.

Remember, if you're not happy, I'll give you your money back. You won't need a note from your mother or anything like that. I really want to make this a no brainer for you. I want you to say, "you know what? It's only $47 I truly want to be more productive. There's a money back guarantee. What have I got to lose? Nothing."

And then there's this: when you purchase the course today, you're a lifetime member. When the price goes up or when it's updated, you get access but don't pay more.

So let's review. I charge $250 an hour for coaching. The course is just a hair under two hours. That's $500 of coaching you're kidding for $47 with lifetime access. Plus you get a 30 day money back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?

All you have to do is click the button below to purchase the course $47.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And if you have any questions at all, ask. Jus go to my website, click on the Contact tab or find me on social media and ask the question.

What Students Thought

"Each of the four modules focuses on a specific area of developing a productive mindset and offers simple and at the same time very useful tools to help assess where we are today and our opportunities for greater productivity going forward. The course did not just introduce me to the concepts, or give me new ideas. Throughout the course, I made many real changes to the way I structure my day. The course is simple, does not require a lot of time, but gives a big return on the time investment if you take the steps Mark recommends. Mark is clearly passionate about his topic. I found the course helpful, it was a useful check-in on some of my day-to-day practices. And I have already put into my schedule a quarterly revisit of the tools just to make sure I stay on track!"

Ruth Pearce
Transformational Leader

"As a Sr. Data Analyst for a growing and competitive fortune 500 company, I generally have a lot on my plate at any one time. While I manage to get things done I have always struggled with my productivity. I am often left with a feeling that there is either something I missed or more that I could accomplish if I could just be more productive. I have tried a couple of online resources for productivity before but to be frank, they were either too complicated or too boring. Then I got the opportunity to try Mark Struczewski's new productivity course. As a hopeful skeptic, I took Mark's course with an open but critical mind and I was pleasantly surprised.

Right from the beginning, I enjoyed how Mark was no-nonsense. He was very positive, supportive and seemed genuinely excited to be teaching the material and excited to have me watching. It all felt very personal. His style is very casual, which is great for me. Any trainer that can grab my attention and present content in a casual, real-life conversational way is a winner in my book. He makes use of humor but doesn't overdo it and his speaking is clear and concise.

However, his casual style does not detract from the content provided. I picked up a ton of useful information from this course. Taking his advice from the get-go, I got myself a notebook and took notes. The content is all very simple, practical things that can be done right now to help increase productivity. No crazy systems, or special apps or sales pitches for more stuff...just a useful, common sense approach to helping you ratchet up your productivity. I have done the time tracking exercise which was very helpful and plan to hit the ODAE exercise next.

There is a lot packed into this course, I have re-watched a couple of the modules already for more tidbits. I like the simplicity of the actions and the ideas. For example, Starting with one simple change to gain momentum. I also like the mantras sprinkled throughout, like "simplicity is the gateway to productivity" or "get to the point, stick to the point". He also sprinkles in ideas about sleep, breathing, and making sure you are not all work and no play..."schedule time for fun!".

The private Facebook group seems like a good idea and I plan to join that and check in. I'm not a huge Facebook user but he gives some good tips on how to manage your social media so this is a great opportunity to try those out.

This course has been a blessing. The information in it has already started to pay dividends for me. I feel like I have some real, usable tools that I can implement that will help me get my productivity house in order. I have already started using my calendar differently and that has been a big help and I plan to use a couple of the tips for reducing distractions at work as well (the timer is a great idea!). Thanks Mark for the great content. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to ratchet up their productivity."

Daniel Bornt
Sr. Data Quality Analyst

"Mark has created an introductory course addressing key aspects of improving productivity at an introductory level for individuals. Within the four half-hour videos, each tackling a different aspect of what can crowd our minds and reduce our productivity, Mark takes the viewer through a range of simple yet very effective tools to help.

In presenting a simple model Mark demonstrates by example that simplifying our routines and tasks will readily enable us to be more focused, effective and thus productive.

Mark provides useful worksheets which help begin the work of tracking how we use our time and how we order our tasks, which leads into reflecting upon why we do what we do - to examine the 'why' of our activities can lead to a better understanding of what may or may not be helpful and/or productive.

Ultimately Mark has created a course which defines key distractions as well as clear strategies which can help individuals to begin making an inroad into becoming more productive and effective in their working routines."

Dorothy Hodgkinson
Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Strategist

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