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When you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed, it's challenging to be productive and to focus. I want to help you experience freedom from overwhelm that comes from a plethora of things: from too many things on to a seemingly endless list of to-dos to low energy. In this free, no-obligation, 20-minute call, I will answer your questions.

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"Why get a coach to help you be more productive? So you can enjoy the little moments in life. I have a lot going on with a full time job, caregiver, dog mom, soon to be published author, speaker, and starting my own side hustle. So with all this going on, I need to keep on top of things to get the most of the 168 hours we have in a week. This is where Coach Mark comes in. With his trainings and guidance, I am able to increase my productivity and still enjoy life. The monthly trainings for The Productive Life truly helps me stay in the right mindset and a good reminder of the habits to have in place for maximum productivity."

Kristie Ondracek, CPA, CGMA, CAE
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer at TXCPA Houston